Syndicat Intercommunal des Eaux du Lodevois

Water pricing

Our aim is to provide quality drinking water at the right price.

The water must be captured, transported, stored, analyzed, treated and distributed.

All these stages require increasingly complicated technology in order to meet legal and environmental regulations.

The price of water has to cover all these costs.

The number of customers for water services continues to rise. New water sources must be found. Renovation and maintenance of networks, reservoirs, storage facilities and technical installations must be carried out, and leaks must be fixed.

Revenues from water sales are entirely used for essential investments and running costs (treatment and remote management of water systems, office and technical supplies, taxes, fees, salaries, fuel costs, electricity…)

Breakdown of invoiced price on water consumed between 1st January 2016 and 31st January 2016:

  • Fixed term: 52.06€

  • Per cubic metre: 1.22€
    VAT rate on water remains unchanged at 5.50%

  • Pollution charge transferred to Water Agency: 0.29€/per cubic metre ? GENERAL TERMS

  • Water-sampling costs paid to Water Agency: 0.12€/per cubic metre


    For example, on an invoice for 120 cubic metres, the SIEL customer pays

    2.15€ (tax included) per cubic metre of drinking water in 2016.