Syndicat Intercommunal des Eaux du Lodevois

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The “Syndicat Intercommunal des Eaux du Lodévois” (SIEL) is a public body set up in 1981 by local town councils, with the purpose of developing the infrastructure necessary for the provision of water to the local area. The syndicate operates at intercommunal level, currently involving the communes of: Lodève, Le Puech, Fozieres, Olmet et Villecun, Poujols, Celles, Le Bosc and Soumont.

Its function is to produce and distribute drinking-water, invest in infrastructure, manage assets, and protect water resources and the environment, all as part of its statutory duties.

The service is administered by the collective, through a municipal enterprise which employs six technical staff and three administrators.

  • Administrative services
    Customer reception, invoicing, admin.

  • Technical services
    Supervision and maintenance of installations, meter-readings, commissioning and installation of connections, water-pipes, branch junctions, meters and other equipment.
    Maintenance and renewal of water-pipes, water catchment areas, treatment centres, civil engineering, technical overview.



Overview of SIEL network